Hoping for a comeback

I have some real followthrough issues when it comes to this site… But anyways i will now try again! Let’s just hope it sticks this time.

Wishing i was back in Italy right about now!
Wishing i was back in Italy right about now!

After thinking about what would make me use this site more, i had to come up with some things that are fun for me. And let’s just face it, working out just is not all that fun and i know i will not be able to keep it up 100. But i’m not giving that up completely! So i came up with some new things to do. Some of them being making food and baking, unwrapping things i order online and looking through my bag. The last one is because i always end up with a whole lot of useful and unuseful things during the week. Like who needs a calculator, empty mintboxes and shoehorn on vacation? Oh and yes, i tend to start knitting something and then i never get it done. So each week i’m going to finish something small or keep on knitting on something big until it’s finished and i can show you the results.

Soon a post about our newest familymember Señorita Semi from Afelio breeders of Maine Coon. I finally got my tortoise!
Afelio Semi

Have a nice one!

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