Day 5

Had the day of from work and wanted to go for a long hike. But i had no motivation at all. Trying to talk myself into a walk the time just flew by and it was time to go to my dads house for som spring bbq. I packed a gym bag and headed over. Ate to much to fast, because my dad can really cook good food 😀


Did’nt hit the gym before 17:35, but i had some good lapses on the tredmill and some more legwork. Then since i had’nt had a lot of steps because i started my day a bit late, i decided to go a detour on my way home. Going up to the hospital and down to the campusarea and then around the fields and back to my house. Then i had some chocolate and coke, just because i could.


And now that i have to days left of my first week it’s looking pretty good for my goals:


So yeah… I can’t quit now. I have to stfu and keep the fuck on. omg.. what have i made my self into???

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