Day 4 – i have lost my mind

So.. yet again i woke up to early. Like before the birds and the sun and everything that actually starts what you can call a day. But as i laid twisting in bed thinking of all the reasons not to get up, i came to think about someone once said that “I have never regretted a work out session, but I have regretted not going to several”. And it’s true.. Everytime i talk myself out of going for a walk or to the gym i always regret it. And there is no point in getting mad over the things you could have done that you did’nt do. I’d rather regret the things i’ve done!

While not quite awake i stumbled out the door with no face on since nobody would be around to see it anyways. And i was at the gym at 05:17 – OMG I HAVE LOST MY MIND! But, ok. It was actually pretty nice. Few people and time to wake up without being surrounded by annoyingly awake and springy people. Except this one fuckwit that had no social sense at all. So there i am standing on the tredmill, barely awake. I’m the only one using one of the 30 tredmills availeble at the gym. And this silly ass bastard has to take the one right next to me and put his sweaty hands on my tredmills bars, his stinky, drenched in sweat towl over my side and trying to make conversation. What is your problem? Can’t you see that i have bigg ass headphones on and not the least interested in talking to another human being at this unhumane time of day. I shook my head and  pointed at my headphones and continued to run “away” from the guy.  I guess he got it, because he left to talk to this other girl at the gym, that was doing squats. What a butthole.


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