Day 3

I woke up at three and thought that if im still not able to sleep around four i would get up and go for a walk and the gym. What kind of morbid thinking is that really? Like.. Work out before work. It sounds like a punisment. Buuuut.. I fell asleep. Hah

But i’m still keeping up the good work. Allthough i know i’m not a good person when it comes to this, because i kinda feel that it should show for what effort i have put in. Eating right and moving more. But nooo, this actually takes time. It is not like trimming your hair i might add. So i still feel that this is going to get boring if i don’t see results or feel results. So for my eyes only i found my measuring tape. Measured around my calfs (my biggest problem area), thighs, jelly belly,  breasts (i reckon this area will disapear soon) and arms. I remembered that after my sis was at fatcamp in Dubai, it was not really the biggest weight loss, but cm loss that she could see a change in. Maybe i will see it there as well…


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