Pasta pasta pasta

My former colleague Anders, has his own catering company and cooking classes. Last wednesday he had a pasta course and he did not have to invite me twice! I looove pasta. In all shape and forms. So learning how to do it for my self is just the bees knees 😀

He made the dough first so that we could se for us selfs how it was made. Then we made our own and while they where resting Anders showe us some simple sauces like pesto, simple tomato, fresh salsa with sherry vinegar and a creamy musselsauce!


Anders and Babek making Ravioli

My friend Babek making ravioli

Look how easy you can fold you’re own ravioli!!
We were 11 participants drinking wine and making pasta.

Gosia with er soon to be tagliatelle


When making pasta the key note is partner up, you need a minimum of four hands


Round ravioli


Spagetti and tagliatelle


Gnocci with spinach and a red onion sherry vinegare salsa


I had a wonderful wine! I mean time! And i totally recomend “Spiller ingen kasserolle” cooking classes. He mentioned something about a dessert course… So that would be just fantastic with my sweettooth! I have known Anders for several years as we worked together in two resturants. And if i know he’s making the food – then i know everything is carefully thought out and amaZING.

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