The warm-up

The base for my challenge was to little movement during my week. Allthough i had starting beeing more aware about how little i move and tried to walk the longest rute to my different destinations. But as you can see there has’nt been a lot of movement. A daily average of 8390 steps a day, minding this is an average. So on some days i could have as little as 1569 steps.

The first week i had a increase in average steps by 2224.

Screenshot_20160502-102456 (1)

Last week the average was a bit higher at 11704.  3314 more then before i startet and 1090 more then last week.  The increase from last week should have been higher. But since we are setting the two first weeks aside as warm-up i’m going to be fine with it for now.


My fitbit week starts on sunday, so it’s not that accurate.  Next weeks totals will go from 1th of may to 7th of may. My goals for this week:

  • An increase of 3000 steps on a daily average
  • Go to the gym a minimum of 4 times
  • Have 3 hikes during the week

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