Day 13

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1th of may, norwegian labours day! It was a beautiful day with a lot of sun and not that much wind. Went up to the waterworks and up and around the hill. Had a plan for Valleråsen when i stepped out the door, but when i came up there i saw this other road and thought what the heck. Worse case scenario i get lost in the woods. Thankfully i did’nt!

So i did pretty good on the first day of the month. Kinda making up for the last week, but not really. So i had to make a plan. After my walk i went home and made scrambled eggs and had som blueberries. And as i sat in the couch i could’nt help thinking that i was’nt getting my all in. Since spring is a risky sport in norway (snow, sun, rain, snow, sun, sun, hail, sun etc) i need some help. Looked at the list over local gyms, found a cheap one where i used to work out. They where still open 14 more minutes for signing up! So i rushed out the door, down the street and up to the gym. Signed up and then left with a plan!


So now that i have made the biggest comitment yet, signing up for the gym. OMG. So in total i have invested 1299,- in a new Aria weight and 699,- on two months gym membership. In total 1998,- nok to get in shape. Well.. Thats what i probalby would have spent on soda, chocolate and chips the last two weeks, so not that bad actually. But i can’t help thinking that it probably won’t work, there is only 17 more days and no way i will get a result that will make me change my habits for the better. SooooOOoo.. I have to start over. From the start with a plan. I’m writing it up as we speak so that i have a focused plan for the next 29 days – counting with today since i did so god and it was the first of the month.

Everything up until yesterday was just a warm-up. Now the real challenge starts!

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