Day 8

We were mallrats Mette and I, with not alot more movement then requiered in a mall. Annoyingly enough i did not complete my goal. It was in reach, but i did the first most stupid thing one can do when motivation is needed. I sat down.

In norwegian i would say that i got “Syrup i ræva” and did not manage to get up. This can me translated to something like… glued to the couch, but google translate said syrup ass. When i woke up at 3 am and realised i missed my goal i got super pissed and i am currently not speaking to myself. I did do some light weightlifting… But i mean thats like the equivalent of buying grocerys.

I don’t often go to the store grocery. If i buy food it wil be rotten by the time i have time to use it. So my fridge has ketchup, dijon mustard, tomyum paste and eggs. Oh yes.. And wine.


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