Day 7 – a new week

So this week has started off bad. Weatherwise worse! First snow, then rain, a tinsy bit sun, some rain, then hail, then some more rain, then some light lightning and then hail again. Yeah i’m screwed! I’ll try this week. But if this is how it’s going to bem i’d rather be fat…

But since i’ve been sick this weekend i went home after work. And the weather did not really make me wanna jump into my training gear and go out. This is what it looked like an hour before i went home after work:

And now comes the but.

But i could’nt sleep. I was tired from the weekend, but something in me would not rest. I just had to go for a walk, if not for reaching my daily step goal, so for some much needed rest. And my head hurt so i probably needed the fresh air…  So off i went, out and about chasing my daily step goals once again.

I thought that the easy way out was to just walk the same walk as earlier this week, but as i was heading to campus the hills whispered me over to them… All of last week i wanted to go up the hill on the other side, all the way up to the watertower. And i did not regret it for one second!

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The results of a rainy and ugh monday?


Not so bad! And i had a nice lentil/bean/veggie soup almost ready at home. I fell asleep at 21:40 like a baby.

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