Day 6 – Shitty sunday

So yeah.. Not really moving much at all. Still sick, but no projectile vomiting or from the other end. My steps are a result of me walking around the house, trying to make myself comfortable. Had a shower (wow, that must me about 5 steps) and mustered up the courage to go shopping. Not once, but TWICE. Boyah! First for white bread, something soft and mellow to sooth my tummy. Second for coke. And that was my sunday.


Not feeling very optimistic about my week thus far. So i had to do a check of the weekly count. And not so bad. Better then in a long time, last time i had more steps pr week was 31.aug-6.sept. I mean… My goal is 11 000 steps pr day. if you spread it all out i’m actually over that. So a small horay to me. Even got 4 stars!



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