Day 5 – Holy shit

Oh well, not that holy. But still… Getting punched with foodpoisning at 06:34 on a saturday morning will make you utter these words. Because yes.. Both ends where involved. Enough said! I’ll let the numbers talk for them self.


The walk and active minutes was my walk home from a friends house. After my dads dinner i was just supposed to deliver something to a second friend when this first friend texted me “What’s up?”.

So i went over. We talked and i fell asleep on his couch. Woke up at three and realized i was not home. So these 17:04 minutes are my steps from his house to mine. I don’t know how many steps that was, but the rest was me going back and forth to the toilet all saturday long. And yes.. It was a long ass day! 🙁 Had do cancel my shift at the resturant aswell. I hate cancelling work, but i needed to…

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