Day 4

I didn’t have high hopes for friday… Plans were made, plans were changed and then my dad texted me asking if i wanted to come over for some dinner and he would look thorugh some family papers later on. That sounded great! Dads cooking is always welcomed in my stomach. And since he wanted to recreate something he ate in Haugesund earlier this week i was not let down. Well… Mayby by the asparagus foam. But at least it got funny!

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He started with fresh oysters. Just a pinch of pepper and just a squeeze of lemon. And it was awesome! Either you like it or you don’t. And i do, i really, really, really do 😀 There is something so fresh and delicate about oysters.



Yes, i forgot to take a picture. Omg… I only had it on snapchat and since i dind’nt have my charger with me at home i just slipped away into the nothing. But.. Let me try to recreate it in words. Imagine a white small plate, more of a breakfast sized plate than a lunchplate. In the upper bow of the plate there was four or five unpealed shrimps and on the lower bow of the plate there was seven or eight pealed shrimps. These are small scandinavian shrimps that will blow your mind if you are not from scandinavia. If you are, you know.. it’s just regular shrimps. The pink small ones.

And then the foam. Omg, the foam. He boiled white asparagous to tenderbits, added some cream and mashed it all. Then poured it over to the kitchendevice i have only ever seen used on cream, to make whipped cream. Clearly a little confused about his plan to whippe the asparagous in the device i just play along. I mean.. He is twice my age and he bought the damn thing. He oughta know! But he was clear as day that this creamwhipper would make foam like he has seen the real chefs make. Boy was he wrooooong. Nevermind that i emptied two gas containers trying to figure out how this thing would work. It spit out some creamed asparagous and making wierd noises. Foam did not ever appear and the device startet making wierd noises. Like it was stuffed wit asparagus and it probably was. So we thought that if we opened it we could at least enjoy the cream. But it was stuck. Like really, really stuck. I don’t even know if he has gotten it open yet… Thats how stuck it was. So yeah… That was an experience. So we cracked open the rest of the shrimps (they come in a bag you kinda can crack open) and hoped for better luck with the third dish.

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And lucky we were! The grilled little gem salad was amazing and went beautiful with the white asparagus and smoked trout. It reminded me of summer and late nights. Just a light drizzle of olive oil and lemonjuice. But dad was not satisfied… “I don’t think is was enough food. Do you want eggs with truffels?” And i’m like is that a question? YES I WANT EGGS WITH TRUFFELS!

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So his nordic theme made a good mash up with Italy and their yummy tartufos. There is always room for eggs with truffels!


I had some snickerscake that i brought since he made the dinner. But almost forgot al about it because he suddenly went upstairs and came down with this box full of family papers from my grandparents. They passed a couple of years ago and when emptied the house there was so much stuff. Most of it we did not have time to process, bt we kept everything that seemed to me of importans.

So i ended my visit at dads with old letters from grandpas sailor pals, pictures of my grandparents from when they where young, my grandfathers reportcard, his trips all over the world and some snickerscake.

We laughed and reminisced about the days we knew them and the days we did’nt.


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