Day 3 – part 1

Had half the day off and that is never good for movement. My last thought before sleep was to wake up like normal and then go for a walk bright and early. Yeah, good luck with that! I snoozed for two hours. Then got up and ate yesterdays leftovers for breakfast. Ovenbaked trout and veggies, mmmm… And then some snickerscake just to topp it all of.

Went to work, but was sent out to get lunch and whatnot. Ran around town picking up bread, cake and toilettpaper and thought that at least this will help me a little towards my goal. And i even have to go over to the westside to pick up catfood. So if i’m lucky i’ll pass 11 000 steps before i fall hard to sleep… BUT! Butt butt butt, then i checked my fitbit, and what do you know? Halfway allready just a little over one.13073016_10153943780350041_1740229663_o

And then i decided to do one big thing. I’m getting and Aria. It’s settled! I never weigh myself unless i’m at other peoples houses and they happen to have one in the bathroom. I have not owned a weight since i lived with my ex, so that will be one year and three months now. Although for me weight is not important, its more how my clothes fit me. That’s why i’m starting this moving movement. My clothes are getting snugg and i don’t want to nor do i have the funds to buy a new wardrobe. So why get the weight you say? No fucking clue, i just like accessories!

No, but for real it’s more For me to keep a real track of my 30 days, improvments in diet and movement. Because it’s not only about moving for 30 days. I wan’t to see a difference and feel a difference. And sometimes it seems to difficult to see whats really happening. You get fat/skinny glasses. So it’s more for the reality check so that i can keep on splurging on nice meals when i want, It’s all about the balance i keep telling my self.

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