Day 2


So yesterday wasn’t all that bad. Set a side the soreness I still had a nice walk. Same as the day before, except not stopping by town and the grocery store. But I went shopping for lunch during work and that made up for some of the steps at an earlier time.

But… OMG! I kept smelling food everywhere I went. And it’s not like I didn’t eat before going out. Even been snacking during the whole day.

I smelled lasagna, burgers, fries (oh my fucking god they smelled SOOOO good), several types of barbecue, fried garlic and then some.  Yeah, it totally sucks that I walk past a Berby’s (local fast food). Smelling that deep fryer like it was the only fresh air available… Crack cocain and then some.


Will I be able to survive Day 3?

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