Day 1


The past month in steps. Yeah, you can really see how my officework keeps me active, or not! The two last poles are yesterday and today. I’ll keep posting a weekly view of my steps, and at the end of my 30 day challenge a view of the three last month’s. So you can really see how little this year has kept me moving.
In other words how lazy I am have been...

Yesterday was one of the longest walk in what seems forever. Went around campus,  up the hill, up to the mountain, ran down the hill and to the city, stopped by Ola to deliver a key and then back to campus for grocery shopping and then finally back home.


In other words Day 1 seems to be a good start. Although today I’m stiff as a log and didn’t really want to go for any walk. Update about that tomorrow!

Good I have the fitbit or else I think it would be challenging to be content with what’s done for the day. I’m surprised that I’m not in worse shape. I mostly must improve my speed and somewhat stamina.

Note to self: drink more water.

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