A new year

Last weekend was the celebration of the new year in Thailand. So i guess i’m on thai time, because this is the start of my new year. And i finally got around to paying the hosting fee, so what’s the use of paying if i’m not gonna use it?

So let’s see how long i can endure this. Last year it was four posts, mostly pictures. This is all deleted since i thought that i would start fresh off with the design and well yes… Everything. Although i’ll probably post the pictures from last time again. Just to enlarge my non existing archive.

What else is new? Oh yes, i just shot myself in the foot by making a 30 day deal with my sister. Yesterday we agreed on doing this 20 days of excercise. Yeah, it’s good for my health and what not. And i can eat more of what i wan’t instead of what i need. Not that i’m chasing the SK’16 (Sommerkropp 2016 – norwegian for summer body 2016). Hell no! But  as i get older and my new workplace consists of officework, i don’t really have a choice in the matter. I’m getting fat. I love food. Correction; I LOVE GOOD FOOD. If you don’t understand you will never understand, but you’ll probably see it through my posts. There is a difference!

My goals?

  • Somewhere to post my pictures.
  • Post about my shitty 30 day challenge.
  • FOOD. I will show you good food. And some crappy shit probably.
  • CCL – Crazy cat lady, there is no way around it…
  • Try to let you read about the what’haps and what not.
    (since you probably live far, far away or if you just wan’t to stalk me – what other use is there of the internet?)

So no pictures yet. I suck, i know. But i have to go and do day 2 of this shitty challenge so that i may live a long and prosperous life and what not…. And i will work on not using so SO much.

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